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Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

All Island Cleaning Corp. understands that homes and business get dirty. We have the professionals, equipment, and training to provide a deeper level of cleaning than traditional cleaning services offer. Whether you’re a hotel in need of a cleaning staff, or a home owner in need of regular cleaning, the professionals at All Island Cleaning Corp. can help.

If your home or business requires cleaning, contact us any time 24/7 – 631-698-6250

Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services Include:

Air Duct/Indoor Air Care

All Island Cleaning Corp. professionals are highly trained and have the equipment to handle any air duct/indoor air care cleaning. Regular duct cleaning can improve the quality of air in your home or business and will increase your cooling and heating efficiency.

Building Maintenance/Office

Keeping a clean office environment is essential to maintaining satisfied employees and clients. Our office cleaning services include: furniture polishing, carpet cleaning, restroom sanitization, office kitchen cleaning, and space organization.

Carpet & Upholstery

The All Island Cleaning Corp. professionals will not only clean the dirt you see, but also the dust, bacteria, and microbes that you don’t see.

New Construction/Post Construction

If you are in need of refuse removal, thorough cleaning and disinfecting, and organization and hauling due to construction, All Island Cleaning Corp. professional construction cleanup crew can help. We also do model site cleaning and grand openings.


All Island Cleaning Corp. professionals are ready to assist in the clean up of sewage and other biohazard materials and provide deep cleaning services for your home or business.

Snow Removal

All Island Cleaning Corp. provides snow removal for many large developments. All Island Cleaning Corp. has the proper equipment, such as snow plows, backhoes, shovels and snow blowers, and the professionals have the proper training to dig your home or business out of the snow. There is a high potential for damage when plows are concerned, using a professional snow removal contractor with experience and references like All Island Cleaning Corp. is the best idea.

Street Sweeping

During sweeping with our professional equipment, debris is removed from the streets and then the street is scrubbed and rinsed.

Tile & Grout

All Island Cleaning Corp. provides tile cleaning services that will make your tiles seem brand new, while also protecting them from future damage. Our professionals will remove residue without any damage to tiles, provide special care and preservation for tiles of all types, as well as clean and fill any damaged tiles you may have. Let us get that tough to clean grout looking like new for you.


Whether you’re a home owner who wants their home looking brand new, or a business owner who needs regular maintenance on interior and exterior windows, the professionals at All Island Cleaning Corp. can help.